Water, Air, and Soil

Hydrosphere, atmosphere, and geosphere.
Or simply said: water, air, and soil.

Studies coming out of Harvard, Stanford, and other reputable sources are all pointing in the same direction:
the harm we have done, and continue to do, to our ecological system.

Toxic waste is going into lakes, rivers, and oceans. The harmful chemicals enter into the food chain: it affects humans who eat fish.
And it affects wildlife drinking the water; or eating the fish.

Exhaust fumes from vehicles greatly diminishes air quality.
Pollution (caused by automobiles and factories) may be the reason childhood asthma rates have increased dramatically in the last several decades.
Smog harms humans as well as wildlife.

Pesticides are widely used in agriculture. It’s estimated U.S. uses over one billion pounds per year.
It does significant harm to birds and bees.  And it’s not that great for us either.

2014 Harvard study links insecticides to higher rates of mortality in honey bees.
The study goes on to point that this is a significant problem since
“bees are prime pollinators of roughly one-third of all crops worldwide”.

Biodiversity: many of us don’t understand its complexity. I know I don’t.
But we can all understand how over-exploitation of natural resources and pollution can create havoc in our ecosystem.

Water. Air. Soil.

We need to take better care of all three.
Threat them like our health and well-being depend on them.
Because it does.


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Mariana Fieraru
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