THE Winning Strategy in Politics

In politics: what does it take to win?
You are probably saying, “… all politics is local; so the strategies will vary.”
Or maybe not.

My friends and I were discussing the outcome of France’s presidential election.
And we’ve noticed many similarities with the presidential election here in the U.S.

After further “serious analysis” we think we know the ONE winning strategy employed by both, Trump and Macron.
In spite of some major differences (Trump is known for his nationalism, France’s Macron is a supporter of globalization) they also have a lot in common.

The winning strategy is based on two important things (which helped them win the election).
And what exactly are those two things?

Run as an outsider.
Both Trump and Macron ran as outsiders. (Trump ran as an “Washington outsider.” Macron ran without a party affiliation.)

Marry someone that’s well outside of your age group.
Donald Trump 70; our first lady, Melania Trump  is 46.
Emmanuel Macron 39; France’s first lady, Brigitte Macron is 64.

There you have it:
Two victorious heads of state.
One winning strategy.
(My friends and I are available for more “in-depth, serious” political analysis. All you have to do is ask : )

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Mariana Fieraru
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