Workplace: top trends in 2017

As we are approaching a new year, we are looking at new trends that will play an important role in the workplace.
Let’s start with the good news: there is a projected increase in salaries.
(Due to increased demand for highly skilled professionals).

Generation Z
More good news: more diversity in the workplace.
Generation Z is entering the workforce.
The not-so-good news: they are greeted with some negative stereotype. By Millennials.
(Say what?!)

One would think Millennials would have learned by now how it feels to be stereotyped : )

AI’s growing influence
Driverless cars are now a reality (Pittsburgh and elsewhere),
And artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to move into organizations and assist with accounting, HR, etc.
That’s assisting in a positive manner.
(Malevolent uses of AI is beyond the scope of this post.)

PR for employees
Another interesting trend: companies’ PR is no longer reserved only for their customers and prospects.
Not only do companies compete for talent but they also strive to create good experiences for their employees.
These employees in turn share their positive interaction with the company on social media.
A win/win.

The workplace gets more casual.
And here is a trend that will be enjoyed by most: a more casual workplace.
Over 3 million executives are set to retire next year.
And Millennials are entering management.
That means there will be more emphasis on collaboration and transparency.
And less formality in management style.
That casual style will transfer to the business dress code as well.
With jeans and t-shirts being the choice for business attire.
(And to that I say — it’s about time : )



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