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Date/time: TBA

Seminar: Money * Power * Success

In today‘s world we’re facing many challenges

The Fourth Industrial Revolution’s technologies are rapidly changing the way we work and live.
Adapting to changes is difficult.
But change also means opportunity.

That’s what we’ll discuss in Money Power Success  – an OBI Leadership seminar

Mariana Fieraru, Lead Instructor

Business development strategist, she develops training programs for
local business owners and entrepreneurs. Mariana works with local
Chambers of Commerce, trade and business associations, and SBDCs.

Mariana Fieraru is federally licensed tax professional since 1996

This time she’s put together a team.

Team OBI: tech-savvy, finance, and business strategies professionals.

Guest Speakers
And their presentations
Cheryl Viola

Leadership Development

Cheryl: MBA, career spans through two Canadian Provinces and five US States

Tineka Dawn

Power of words

Tineka: Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and certified Life Coach

Jordan Gentry and Brian Scott

Money and Investment strategies

Jordan and Brian: financial planners