Your Health Idaho: helpful tips and information

Idaho does offer a selection of health insurance plans for its residents.
But, as you know, the new health care laws are complex and difficult to muddle through.
When selecting a plan, the cost cannot be the only factor.

Here are some helpful tips:
• Evaluate a health insurance plan by the premiums paid AND the quality of care.

• Once you chose the plan that’s right for you, make sure you make your payments.
(Loss of coverage due to non-payment means you will be out of insurance for the rest of the year AND it will trigger the tax penalty.)

• Throughout the year don’t be afraid to ask your agent when you have questions about your plan.

• And, just as important, let your agent know if you have a change in income, have a baby,
get married or divorced, or move to another county.

No insurance coverage
Not having insurance can be costly too. The tax penalties in 2016:
$695 per adult
$347.50 per child under 18

Remember, you can only enroll in a plan from November through December of each year.
Unless there is a special event.
(Such as marriage, birth, moving to another state or county, change in income, or turning 26 years of age.)

Finally, remember good health starts with you.

To insure good health: eat lightly,
breathe deeply, live moderately,
cultivate cheerfulness,
and maintain an interest in life.”
William Londen



/Comments/in Life,Management/by Guest Writer: Kimberly Martin Rice
Guest Writer: Kimberly Martin Rice
Kimberly Martin Rice
Owner/agent of Martin Family Insurance.
Very active in the community, she belongs to several civic and business organizations.
Kim is also involved and volunteers with CASA

For more information about health insurance plans, visit her website
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